ELITE TRUCK BODIES only use premium quality materials. The under structures of our van bodies are made to handle the heavy duty applications. Our walls are built using 100 tons presses in order to obtain the best quality walls in the industry.

We also care about the appearance of your truck bodies;

  • We now offer smooth wall finish (with no fasteners), using steel or aluminum panels, or FRP (fiberglass reinforced panels).
  • Higher grade alloy is also used for aluminum components to resist corrosion.
  • Specific exterior components are highly polished to obtain a bright mirror-like finish.
  • Stainless steel hardware and fasteners are standard on all service and utility bodies, and undercoating is applied to prevent premature corrosion.

In order to provide a trouble free product, every single truck body is thoroughly inspected and all accessories are tested for adequate operation, before leaving the factory for delivery.

ELITE is also weight oriented, in that, we have invested into the development of lighter truck bodies, to meet specific weight limit requirements on the road, and environmental concerns. Our engineering people are constantly seeking for new materials so we can offer our customers with the latest technology on the market.

Yes we are QUALITY and CUSTOMER oriented.

Customizing client needs is standard with us.

Our product lines include: